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WOW I have been dead around here. But I really wanted to contribute what I’ve found with the audio from the most recent upd8!!

I threw the clip into Audacity and sped the little guy up, so I could analyze what he might be saying! I got from it just by listening…

" Doore a doore Adone horecsuare un fori."

Now I’m by no means a linguistics master, but from the sounds of it the language seemed a lot like Latin. Hussie even stated in the upd8 that In a tongue only his player could understand, he descri8ed what the path of the martyr entailed. 

— Latin, being the official original language of the Catholic Church, and the word “cherub” itself being in Latin, this seemed to make sense.

With some research and a bit of google-translating, I came up with (roughly)…

" Door after door, Adonis (horecsuare) the forum."


"Door after door, Adonis will (horecsuare)."

(I cannot for the life of my figure out what horecsuare meant. This is where I would appreciate some help!!)

But Adonis, interestingly enough, is the Greek god of beauty and desire. He is noted as the most complex character of the Greek gods, and in various different religions is given multiple roles. He is tied to the calendar, and is stuck in a cycle of death and rebirth. In modern times, his name is given to those of the masculine, handsome, youthful variety, and is sometimes confused as being gay…

Sound familiar? Especially considering Dirk has the same exact denizen as Caliborn. His name is also slang for a really good looking person. Furthermore, Yaldaboath translates to a magistrate in some ancient Greek states - furthering my idea that this may be Latin and related somehow to Adonis/Dirk.

Some other notes that I found interesting… Adone comes from the root word adon, meaning Lord, Caliborn’s title. Heck I could be completely wrong about Dirk, and might be getting close to something about Caliborn.

Anyway, these were just some thoughts/notes and research I did, since I was really interested in finding out more about Yaldaboath!

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    Okay, by listening to google reading it, i got, “doore a doore, a done me, hor ex suare, an foris” which is “Door by...
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